ProEconomy has been granted a Royal Warrant by Appointment of Water Treatment Services to her Majesty The Queen. Royal warrants are granted to companies who supply goods or services for at least five consecutive years to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh or the Prince of Wales.

ProEconomy Managing Director, Byron Bedford says: “We feel extremely proud that our water treatment system has received such prestigious recognition. We look forward to continuing our work with the Royal Household.”

Founded in 1993, ProEconomy is a UK-based company that manufactures the Orca copper and silver ionisation system for the proven control of Legionella, Pseudomonas and other pathogens in water systems. 

Copper and silver ionisation is a relatively new modality for the control of water-borne pathogens. However, study after study carried out by scientific institutions worldwide has shown that copper and silver are highly effective at killing bacteria. Unlike other water treatment methods, copper-silver ionisation does not use any hazardous chemicals and copper and silver levels found at the Orca outlets are safe to consume. Source metals are also completely safe to handle, store, and transport, therefore reducing health risk and removing any COSHH impactions. 

Copper and silver ions stay active until they are consumed, meaning they have a long-lasting effect of up to three months. Unlike chlorine dioxide, the ions aren’t affected by temperature, don’t gas off and don’t decay over distance making the CSI systems easier to maintain so time can be used elsewhere. The Orca system kills Legionella and Pseudomonas regardless of water temperature, eradicating the expensive and difficult maintenance of temperatures in complex water systems. 

As part of its copper and silver ionisation service, the water treatment company takes pre- and post-commissioning samples at each of its sites. It is this testing that has generated collaborative long-term Legionella efficacy data and has developed ProEconomy’s prestigious reputation within the UK’s NHS and the European health sector. 

Over the past 25 years, the Orca system has been installed, and successfully eradicated Legionella, at some of the largest hospitals in the UK, such as The Royal Free and some of the most prestigious sites across Europe, including the European Space Agency. 

ProEconomy installed the Orca System at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital in October 2007. Pre-installation, 50 samples had returned 21 Legionella positive results, ranging from 100cfu/L to 9,800cfu/L. Within a month levels had fallen to only five positives from these 21 outlets, ranging from 100cfu/L to 2000cfu/L, and within six months this had dropped to zero. It means that the Orca Copper and Silver Ionisation System has controlled L. pneumophila effectively at this site and continues ProEconomy’s achievement that the Orca system has never failed to control Legionella in a client’s premises.

The Estates Manager at Birmingham Heartlands, Tony Wright, had this to say about the Orca System:

“It’s a proactive system and we’re a proactive trust, working with proactive ProEconomy. We share Best Practice across the trust, ProEconomy’s solution was so successful at Heartlands that within seven months it was installed at Solihull Hospital and Good Hope Hospital.’ In the nine years we’ve been with ProEconomy we’ve never had a reason to question the service. We’ve always received what we’ve asked for.”

It is case studies and testimonials such as this one, combined with the dedicated microbiological research and development department, led by Dr Birgitta Bedford, that provides ProEconomy with a unique position and authority within the water treatment market. It further develops the team’s passion for, and belief in, copper and silver ionisation. One of only three companies included for copper and silver on the article 95 biocidal products directive, ProEconomy is compliant to sell copper and silver as a biocide and its copper and silver ionisation system is compliant with HTM04-01, ACOP L8 and HSG274. This, alongside its continued research and regular Legionella and Pseudomonas water tests at its sites, is what validates ProEconomy’s claim to offer ‘proven Legionella control.’ It provides is basis on which the company can continue to grow.

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