Established UK Autoclave manufacturer LTE Scientific, has teamed up with leading European washer-disinfector manufacturer KEN Hygiene to offer a complete decontamination solution for sterile services departments in the UK.

LTE offers its Touchclave Systems porous load steam sterilisers in sizes ranging from 15 cu.ft to 42 cu.ft, and offers both single entry and pass-through variants. All models can be configured to run on conventional or clean steam supplies.  LTE can provide a range of steam generators and heat exchangers. All LTE Sterilisers are designed to use minimal energy and water, while delivering fast cycle times – in many cases less than 45 minutes.

LTE can also supply a range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic loading/unloading solutions, which in many cases can also be retro-fitted to LTE and other brands of autoclave. Semi-automatic and automatic unloaders provide significant advantages in terms of manual handling and health and safety. 

KEN Hygiene, based in Denmark, is one of Europe’s leading washer disinfector manufacturers, and has just launched its new touchscreen IQ5 and IQ6 range, with loading capacities from 10-18DIN. The IQ range boasts lower energy and water usage, and also faster cycle times than its competitors. 

These savings and capital payback projections can be demonstrated on KEN’s comparison tool. Another key feature of the KEN system is the ability to install IQ5 and IQ6 washers side by side without the need for service voids. This dramatically reduces the amount of floor required, especially with multiple unit installations. A range of trolley washing systems is also available from KEN.

All products are backed up by LTE’s Service Centre, with engineers available nation-wide and qualified to the relevant HTM guidelines.

For more information, please contact:  LTE Scientific Ltd, Greenbridge Lane, Greenfield, Oldham, OL3 7EN Tel: 01457 876221 Fax: 01457 870131