Katronic clamp-on non-invasive flowmeters directly measure heat flow in pipes

Given the significant amounts of energy consumed by a large hospital, optimising the flows and consumption of heat in both heating and water are crucial to cost reduction. They are also key KPIs reported upon as part of management processes.

Katronic non-invasive clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters were chosen by consultant PA Energy for a sub-metering project in a major NHS trust in East London to map heat flows and help the FM contractor to identify and quantify plant and areas that consume the most energy.
Katronic’s ultrasonic systems feature compact transducers easily fitted to the outside of hot water pipes, using a ‘time of flight’ principle to measure and log the flow. For a Heat Measurement application, the flow and temperature is measured at inflow and outflow of an asset – plant, room or building; a single Katronic controller collating and integrating the measurements from the four sensors. From measurements of the volume of water passing through and temperature drop, the Katronic system can calculate and log the heat energy usage at that point.

PA Energy monitored hot water service within the hospital using the KATFlow systems, with Katronic’s wireless data logging linking to the main utility meters for the hospital, where PA Energy’s systems allow the FM contractor to quickly identify areas of high energy consumption and abnormal use of water.

Katronic systems are proven in thousands of installations world-wide, and are available in fixed and portable versions, perfect for permanent monitoring or for consultancy projects.

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