Faecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) is now an established diagnostic test that identifies the presence of minute quantities of haemoglobin (blood) in the stool, known as faecal occult blood (FOB). It can be an early sign of colorectal cancer. FIT uses antibodies specific to human haemoglobin so is more sensitive and has a greater specificity than the previous qualitative guaiac-based methods. 

NICE DG30 now recommends the use of FIT to guide referral for colorectal cancer in primary care.  At ACB Focus Nigel D’Souza will present preliminary data from the NICE FIT study launched through Croydon University Hospital and RM Partners Accountable Cancer Network.  As one of the largest studies on FIT it aims to recruit 5,500 patients to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of FIT particularly in diverse populations.

Come and find out more about the NICE FIT study at Alpha Laboratories’ workshop on Thursday 7 June (9:50-10:30) or come and talk to our team on stand #6. The workshop is chaired by Professor Callum Fraser and Sally Benton, director of the Bowel Cancer Screening Hub in Guildford will also be present.

Please visit www.faecal-immunochemical-test.co.uk for further information or contact Alpha Laboratories on 0800 38 77 32 or email marketing@alphalabs.co.uk