TeknosIndustry products were used on the windows in the renovation of Victoria Hospital in Deal, Kent, nearly 10 years ago. Accoya, a modified timber that is now widely used worldwide, was first used commercially on Victoria Hospital. In this case study, we revisit the project to see how the TeknosIndustry coatings and Accoya timber have fared over the decade.

In total, the project has 194 sliding sash windows manufactured and coated by joiners Dempsey Dyer. Their Managing Director, Peter Dyer explains “The windows use a pulley & weight vertical slider mechanism giving them a traditional feel that is in keeping with the building’s heritage. The project was completed in two stages; the first was 103 sash windows to replace an assortment of old wooden and UPVC windows. The organisation was so impressed with the results that, two years later, it commissioned a further 91 sash windows with the same specifications”.

The combination of TeknosIndustry coatings and Accoya timber has proven to be a highly successful partnership on thousands of subsequent projects. To penetrate and protect the wood, the windows were coated in Teknos ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901 and then painted in TeknosIndustry AQUATOP 2600 opaque top coat in Clean White Gloss.

Despite 10 years exposure to the elements, these windows today are still in first-rate condition. Not even one has failed, even at the vulnerable joint positions, indicating that the combination of TeknosIndustry coatings with Accoya timber has successfully protected the windows from rot caused by bacteria, mould, and UV. The finish still looks fresh, keeping the building looking smart and maintaining the paintwork a breeze.

A Teknos warranty of at least 10 years is available on Accoya exterior joinery coated in TeknosIndustry paints. Victoria Hospital in Deal is living proof of that confidence in the performance of TeknosIndustry paints on Accoya.

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