TEAL has worked with the NHS for over 15 years and the Hygienius MediWash, has been designed with NHS infection control departments for when extra hand washing stations are needed quickly due to plumbing issues or infection risks.

Completely self-contained, the unit has a synchronised video display which takes users through an automatic programme incorporating the seven rubbing actions as laid down by NHS guidelines, ensuring hands are hygienically clean.

Touch-free and fully automatic, the device has no levers or taps to re-infect hands.

The free-standing unit requires neither plumbing nor access to mains water or drainage. It works on a 13 amp plug and can be easily located to where it’s needed requiring only a power supply.

The Hygienius MediWash has a highly efficient use of water – there are up to 80 wash cycles per filling.

It provides a 35-second, hot water, hand wash cycle which re-sets itself in 10 seconds.

Pathogen-safe, the TEAL Hygienius MediWash has a simple hygiene cycle using 500ppm chlorine solution carried out every 24 hours.

The unit comes complete with two, easy-to-use, TEALtainers which ensures that fresh and waste water are kept separate and hygienically contained.

Most medical teams now realise that mobile hand wash units are even more effective than plumbed-in basins as the video helps to train people to wash their hands correctly. Fully compliant with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines, TEAL Patents’ most recent model, the Hygienius MediWash is superior because its synchronised video encourages a rigorous hand wash routine.

Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL Patents, says: “Every infection prevention professional will tell you that washing hands with soap and warm, running water is considered the key procedure in preventing the spread of germs and infections in hospitals.

“Norovirus – which regularly closes entire hospital wards – is just one germ unaffected by hand sanitisers which is why we believe they are a thing of the past. Portable hand washing units remove any opportunity for cross infection from dirty hands,” says Manty.

Each TEAL Patents unit requires no access to mains water or drainage so it can be easily located at the point of need.

Did you know?

Experts have determined that washing hands thoroughly with soap and warm, running water in the time it takes to sing a verse of ‘Happy Birthday’ should ensure any germs on your hands are destroyed.

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