In many establishments the “appearance” of cleanliness is sufficient, however, cleaning in a hospital environment is paramount, and can be problematic. Cleaning programmes need be consistent and effective to ensure the possibility of infection is eradicated, or at least significantly reduced.

Significant challenges to the healthcare sector are Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) and one of the influences in defeating potential harmful germs is effective cleaning. Such cleaning regimes are part of an inclusive approach to defeat HCAIs and Rotowash offers a range of high performance cleaning machines to help fight these issues.

Rotowash equipment is recommended to clean safety flooring by many safety floor manufacturers and cleans the complete floor including edges, corners, and main floor space leaving a uniform finish. There is a visibly clean appearance with no blood and body substances, dust, dirt, or debris.

Clean water is applied to the floor via the machine avoiding the downtime required when changing dirty mop-bucket water on the recommended 15-minute interval.

Colour coded brushes are essential:
Red Brushes: Bathrooms, washrooms, showers, toilet, and bathroom floors.
Blue Brushes: General areas including wards, departments, and offices.
Green Brushes: Ward kitchen areas and main kitchens.
Yellow Brushes: Isolation areas

Rotowash equipment has a cleaning productivity of up to 1,800 m2/hour and yet the small footprint fits easily in the purpose-built Domestic Services Room and enables the Rotowash to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised within minutes.

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