Fulton’s all-new heat transfer solution, the VSRT Series, is claimed by the company to be the most radical change to vertical steam boiler design since they pioneered the vertical tubeless boiler in 1949.

By adopting a systems engineering approach to design and using its own ‘PURE’ technology, Fulton’s VSRT Series challenges the heat transfer and mechanical design principles of traditional vertical steam boilers.

With over 30 worldwide patents pending, the new vertical boiler’s spiral-rib tubeless design is a world first that has enabled Fulton to create a compact boiler with the industry’s smallest footprint. In fact, compared to the equivalent 30hp model from the company’s renowned J Series, the VSRT Series is an impressive 40 per cent smaller.

Using a combination of in-house modelling with computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis, the ‘PURE Optimised’ design of the VSRT Series makes the new boiler durable and reliable in operation. With up to 6:1 turndown and featuring a fully-modulating burner, the SRT also boasts industry-leading performance with an 84.5 per cent gross (93.5 per cent net) thermal efficiency and 99.5 per cent steam quality from a fully-water-backed design with no refractory. This makes the new VSRT Series ideal for numerous hospital and healthcare applications including steam services for sterilisation and disinfection units.

The VSRT Series features patented, self-compensating stress relief architecture that virtually removes longitudinal stress and deflection absorption. It is CE marked and complies with anticipated EU regulations, with its combustion technology being reconfigured and the mesh burner and furnace designed as a single component, resulting in NOx emissions of less than 40mg/kWh.

For further information on the VSRT Series, call Fulton on 0117 972 3322, email sales@fulton.co.uk or visit www.fulton.co.uk.