This air commercial quality cleaning system inspired by nature is a thoughtful combination of harnessed power and mobility under your control.

The AC7DUO produces a measured amount of ozone which sanitises the air, neutralises odours and smells both in the air and all surfaces. Once the ozone has done its work, its residues are converted back into oxygen. All this is done within an automatic two-stage working cycle without the use of chemicals or deodorants whatsoever—truly in the “green way.” Odours are destroyed, not merely masked by potentially harmful artificially scented air fresheners.

Fresh clean smell air is often critical for business performance and reputation. It can help return rooms to service within 15 minutes, making it ideal for hotels, care homes, waiting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, stores, or any indoor area that has odour problems. This is achieved more economically and efficiently than using conventional methods of air cleaning, and time consuming, difficult-to-reach surfaces. The AC7DUO is mains-powered, lightweight, portable, and an attractively priced and effective sanitizing solution.

Safe and simple to use

Place the AC7DUO in the room. Select the treatment time which depends on the size of the room, degree of contamination and leave the room. Once a working cycle has been completed, the room is safe and ready for re-occupation.