GEZE Movement detector GC 302 R

GEZE GmbH is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of construction systems for door, window and safety technology. GEZE offers a comprehensive range of products including automatic door systems and door control technology, glass systems, smoke and heat extraction systems, safety technology as well as window and ventilation technology.

Product Description

Radar movement detector GC 302 R for controlling automatic doors

The GEZE GC 302 R is used on internal and external automatic doors. Due to the pre-programmed settings, commissioning is fast and convenient. The detector can be configured using a key or remote control. The radar field is clearly defined (narrow field, wide field) and guarantees reliable detection.

The integrated motion tracking feature even identifies slow movements, which is useful for people with restricted mobility. Special features include the detection of people’s direction of movement and the fading out of cross-traffic. These mean external doors can contribute to energy saving, because the opening impulse is not triggered by people walking past the door.

For more Information, please click on the Product brochure GEZE actuation devices and sensor systems.

Application range

• Actuation of automatic swing, sliding, folding, revolving and circular sliding doors
• Use on pavements and in passages so that passing persons do not trigger an opening impulse
• Use in homes for the elderly and care homes, so that even very slow-moving people and wheelchair users are safely identified