Filip Standaert is Vice President of Education Solutions & Medical Devices Marketing for Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Here, he kindly answered a series of questions from Hospital Times to find out more about the Institute and what it means to the healthcare sector.

What motivated Johnson & Johnson to create the Institute?

Education and innovation is built into the foundations of J&J’s 132-year heritage, one that has always adopted a people-focused approach that goes beyond just products. Since its earliest days, J&J has led the way in providing learning resources and continued education for health care providers.

The launch of the J&J Institute provides access to education that’s focused on improving outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction and reducing costs to help meet the evolving needs of health care professionals in a value-based care environment.

We know that this education approach is more important now than ever before to ensure patients receive the best possible care, despite a growing and aging population, more incidences of chronic diseases, and health systems needing to do more with already strained resources.

The J&J Institute, brings together our total professional education offering within our network of online and in-person education and partnerships across multiple specialties, including our 26 professional education facilities globally.

With professional education options that suit a variety of learning preferences, geographic locations and schedules, the J&J Institute fosters lifelong learning for health care providers throughout every stage of their careers to enhance and expand upon what they learned in medical school.

The taught curriculums fully acknowledge the demands of today’s health care delivery system and who is involved in ensuring patients receive the best possible care. Therefore, we offer education for a broad spectrum of the health care team. The J&J Institute forms a part of our commitment to put doctors, nurses and other health care providers first and support them to deliver optimal comfort and care to their patients.

What can health care professionals expect from a J&J Institute course?

Today, we provide customised curriculums taught by world-renowned faculty, who are considered experts in their field, and learning fosters peer interaction to achieve new standards of excellence.

The J&J Institute provides a comprehensive range of educational offerings for health care professionals from residents and key opinion leaders, entry level nurses to senior operating room staff, and hospital managers to CEOs.

Courses range from clinical training on products, procedures and advanced medical technology to educational programmes on bundled payments, providing care in an outpatient surgery setting and implementing a team approach care.

We believe that a blended approach to education offers an enriched learning experience through pre-, on site and post-course learning resources. Curriculums encompass live classes, mobile labs, virtual reality simulation training, online modules, webinars and videos that fuses hands-on, real-world training with interactive experiences to expand reach and deepen knowledge beyond traditional classrooms.

Through the J&J Institute, health care professionals have access to programming that will help them address today’s challenges. For a surgeon, this might include learning to use new enabling computer technologies in surgery, becoming proficient in procedures that improve outcomes and enable a shorter length of stay and increasing operating room efficiency.

In the EMEA region, the J&J Institute serves the educational needs of more than 20 medical and surgical specialties and offers training in a range of surgical techniques to over 27,000 HCPs at about 600 multidisciplinary surgical training events each year. Globally, the J&J Institute educates more than 125,000 HCPs – the equivalent of nearly one surgeon for every four operating rooms.

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