Schülke – specialists in infection prevention and control – have just announced a price reduction of up to 20 per cent on a 5-litre container of gigazyme® from 1 June.

gigazyme® is a highly effective cleaning agent based on a combination of enzymes and non-ionic surfactants. The formulation has been designed specifically for use in the manual and automatic cleaning of endoscopes and surgical instruments.  gigazyme® is also suitable for use in an ultrasonic bath. 

Based on an innovative combination of protease, amylase and lipase to help remove proteins, starch, and fats, gigazyme offers excellent cleaning power, is non-foaming and leaves no residue.

It is highly economical in use and a 0.5 per cent dilution makes 1,000 litres of in use solution from a – litre container of gigazyme®.

The optimum cleaning temperature is below 35°C, and to make it easy to recognise if this temperature has been exceeded, because the solution turns ‘milky’ at 32 degrees and above. This is easily remedied by adding cold water to the solution.

Leanne Anderson, Product Manager at schülke UK says: ‘schulke has been committed for over 125 years to developing innovative solutions for infection prevention and control. We understand the need for trusts to maintain the highest standards of patient care, while also needing to deliver cost efficiencies. As a result, schülke has undertaken a comprehensive review of pricing structures, which has meant we are able to offer the highest standards of disinfection products at a lower price.’

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