Cygnet Hospital Harrogate is a long-established mental health hospital that provides support and treatment for both NHS and privately funded patients.

A recent decision to replace and upgrade the windows led to the specification of specialist units by Crittall Fendor, experts in high security fenestration.

“We chose Crittall Fendor as they are recognised as the benchmark standard in patient safety,” says Cygnet’s Director of Development and Facilities Tom Wilson. “The industry is aware that the CleanVent window is the best one. It ticks all the boxes.”

The CleanVent has been developed in response to the specific needs of clinicians working in secure mental health hospitals. It is designed to maintain security while being cleaned and provides no projection to which a ligature can be fixed, a particular consideration where patients being cared for may have a predilection to self-harm. The robust window is available in steel, aluminium or a hybrid of both materials.

“In terms of the strength of the windows and the practicality of cleaning them it leaves the competition standing,” says Wilson.

For the Harrogate contract Crittall Fendor worked directly for Cygnet removing the original windows and installing the new ones. Aluminium CleanVent was specified except for the front elevation of the building where taller, narrower, steel-aluminium SwingVents were used.

Wilson explains: “These offer the same characteristics as the CleanVent but the design is more flexible and enabled us to meet the aesthetic requirements of the local planners.”

Cygnet has been providing specialist mental health services for almost 30 years and has hospitals at some 20 locations around the UK. The company’s relationship with Fendor – which was acquired by Crittall earlier this year – goes back several years.

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