Chris Ash, Managing Director for ISS Healthcare has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to the healthcare business sector, not just in the UK but across the world.

As the leader of the ISS Global Healthcare Forum he has been responsible for hosting numerous ‘Best Practice’ sessions as well as providing advice and operational support to colleagues across three continents. It’s all with the aim of improving services to some of our most vulnerable customers – hospital patients.

The award was presented by ISS Group COO’s, Martin Gaarn Thomsen and Richard Sykes at the Group’s Top Management Conference (TMC) held in Zurich. Martin praised Chris’ approach saying he is; “an excellent example of a great leader with a strong track record in managing safety, who has consistently delivered a world-class service over many years. He continues to be a real asset to the company showing delivery of excellence across your customer base.”

In response Chris praised his team saying: “This was a real honour as the number of awards issued at TMC are limited and it is hugely prestigious to win one when you have 41 ISS countries competing and the myriad of sectors and businesses that sit within each country, both public and private.

“It is therefore immensely rewarding when the efforts of our teams across the NHS are recognised at the highest level. The award is testament to our 24/7 hospital based ISS teams who support the clinical delivery of services. It shows our commitment to continuous improvement and drive to seek new ways of working with our core customer, the NHS.”