Operating theatres at the new £12 million maternity unit in Furness General Hospital, Barrow-in-Furness, benefit from critical care power systems and surgical equipment supplied by Bender UK.

Bender Medical IT power systems and UPS provide protection and resilience within the electrical infrastructure of the maternity facility. The operating theatres contain Bender hygienic touchscreen theatre control panels, clinical pendants and the new Merivaara Q-Flow LED surgical lights.

Both operating theatres are equipped with the award-winning Merivaara Q Flow LED surgical lights. Sleek and streamlined in design, the energy efficient Q Flow is cost effective to operate, generates less heat than traditional lighting and offers a working lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

The lights’ Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC) system adapts automatically to any obstacles in the field of light, delivering more illumination to the operation site, reducing surgeon fatigue to minimise patient risk. They provide class leading R9 colour rendering, delivering daylight quality light to illuminate deep patient cavities, while a consistent green ambilite makes it easy for staff to view images and read monitors.

The Q Flow lights also help to prevent and control infection. Each light delivers an uninterrupted vertical flow of sterile air to the operating table, reducing the turbulence that introduces bacteria to the patient. They are also easy to clean and maintain and can be controlled via either a touch screen panel mounted on each light, remote hand-held device or conventional surgeon’s handle.

Prior to installation Bender Clinical Sales Manager Steve Coleman demonstrated the Merivaara Q Flow to staff at Furness General Hospital.

Staff impressed with DOC system

He says: “The staff were particularly impressed with the DOC system because shading in the operating site is such an important consideration for surgical teams. It means that more than 60 per cent of the light will get through in most circumstances, making a huge contribution to patient safety and reducing fatigue for the surgical team.”

Bender TCPs control the operating theatre environment. A unique wipe clean anti-microbial silver nitrate coating ensures maximum sterility enabling staff to control the theatre through a single point of reference.

All the critical ‘Group 2’ medical areas are protected by Bender Medical IT (IPS) systems combined with ATICS automatic changeover device providing advanced protection against failure of the electrical supply. Resilience is assured by a UPS in the event of mains failure.

ATICS provides the highest level of resilience by eliminating the single point of failure. Two power supplies are brought in so that in the event of power failure ATICS instantly transfers to the secondary supply within 0.5 seconds to comply with industry standard HTM06-01.

Mechanical and electrical contractors Bowker Ltd carried out the installation, working closely with Bender UK on the project.

Bender UK has a long history of engagement with Furness General Hospital, most recently through refurbishment of operating theatres and service and technical support. Managing Director Gareth Brunton says: “We are delighted to be involved in creating a new facility which will benefit the whole community including the families of our own local workforce.”

For further information visit www.bender-uk.com.